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Now, I know that the whole Reflections on Uni bit is pretty cliched, and it kills me to do it, but it has to be done.

On Monday I had the misfortune to read the Metro, However, there was a small article  called "5 questions for Willy Mason"   I've been a big fan of Willy Mason for years and went to his first concert here in 2005, from his first album Where the Humans Eat.  Also, I was going to his concert in Glasgow two days later for his latest album When the Oceans get Rough. In this article, Willy was asked the difference between his first album and his second. His answer was that his first album was written when he was 17, and his second when he was 21. Since he was 17 he's had to acccept alot more responsibility and change in his life. Now, on Monday I was on my way to my last ever exam for uni. The end of four years work, as I started uni at 17 and have fnished (hopefully) at 21. Funny how things happen like that...

Uni, as much as I hate to admitt it, has been one of the most influential and affecting things to ever happen to me. My first day I met a girl named Cara. We cracked the same joke at the same time and the rest is recent history. They say that everyone you meet changes you, and its true, but I've met some extraordinary people because of uni and this girl is one of them. She changed me more than most will, and I thank her for it quietly every time I do something that i wouldnt have done without her. The second week of uni I met another girl, Joanne. Although not as overtly as Cara, Joanne changed me just as much and I believe I promised her a present for it.  Uni also meant that I started to see a guy called Stephen more often. No, I didnt talk to myself day after day, this is a separate guy. These three people will be my friends for life, and each have changed me in ways I wouldnt go without. That alone makes uni worth it, pass or fail.

As for now, its all over but the crying. I think I did ok. In the grand scheme of things I'm sure I could have done better, but I'll always put that down to the content of courses as much as the content of my head. They dont teach everything I want to learn, certainly not in the same course. But I've got a head start on the rest of my life hopefully (it'd be a bigger head start if I could actually get a job with this degree, but i'm not complaining...)

Uni is over and I'm right back where I was at the end of high school. from top to bottom and over again, and those were just the warm up laps.

I say this stuff all the time. Wonder how I'll do this time. Wish me luck...
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