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Yesterday, I did something I havent done in a long time. I picked up my guitar, tuned it, and played it. Its been ages since I played, and I pretty much sucked, but it started to come back to me. Not just how to play, but why I played. I remembered the little ambition I had to be a reasonable guitar player, play my favourite songs while attempting to sing along to them. That was high school of course, "when I was a child, I spoke as a child..."

The difference is though, I dont believe that you have to stop understanding like a child when you grow up, just as long as you think like a grown up too. I've read comic books since I could read, and I'm still at it, although something changed along the way and I wanted to write them too. I dont think growing up means you have to abandon your dreams, it just makes you think more of how to achieve them. Admittedly, I'm not going to fly unaided any time soon (childhood dream) but if I go to a hilltop on a windy day and close my eyes just right...

I'm not going to say something as cliched as "dreams can come true". Ths isnt me telling you that if you just believe it, you can do anything. I still cant fly! I'm just saying that, maybe we shouldnt give up on things quite so easily. I'm still gonna suck at guitar, but its going to be fun finding out just how bad I suck. 

Do you have an instrument lying about the house? Never learned how to swim? How about one of those model airplanes that you never took out the box? There are so many things that people put down - be it an instrument, an language or even a friendship - that we forget we can at least try and pick them up again, before we can find them. What I'm trying to say, in a longwinded way, is what people say so often we forget it actually has meaning - dont give up. Not when it matters, and sometimes, even when it doesnt.

Ok, I'm verging into terrible metaphors now so I'm going to stop. Doesnt mean I wont post again later...
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