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The End of our Beginning

So uni is done. Got my results recently, and I managed a 2:1 honours degree, because someone up there likes me. This is usually the part where I say something like "now I have to take things seriously and work hard!" or something. But no, not this time. I mean, yeah, I do, but I just dont need to realise it, or be told. I have a placement sorted for a local paper. Its not a big, long thing, but its something. After that I'm going to apply for a placement at the BBC for a month, hoping that my week at the paper will help me out there. I'll be looking for a full time job with my degree while all this is going on too, and working on a comic series that I want to get published by the end of the year. (hassle me if issue 2 isnt finished by one week today)

Yeah, its time to "get serious" and whatever. But you know what? I already am. I have short term goals, long term goals, mid term goals and space where i'd quite like something unexpected to happen. I'm not saying everything is perfect right now, but I think that for the first time in a long while, I'm where I should be. I said that last year kicked my ass, and it did. This year, wont.

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